Broadcasting in the time of Corona

August 2020: Stakeholder survey for the Sandford St Martin Trust

The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has caused widespread concern and new economic challenges for many of us working in the media.  To better understand our stakeholders’ needs and how their work has been affected and changed, the Trust has designed a survey.

Click here to got to ‘BROADCASTING IN THE TIME OF CORONA: Stakeholder Survey for the Sandford St Martin Trust. 

Completing the survey should take about 15 minutes. Please submit answers by Sunday 16 August.  Your answers will help our trustees shape strategy and our awards over the next few months.

Do please share or forward the survey to any colleagues you think would be interested as we are trying to form as full a picture of the current situation for broadcasters as possible.  The first section of the survey focuses on broadcasting in general; the second section is more concerned with religious or ethical content; and, the third and fourth sections explore the overall health and looks towards the future of the sector.

Please know that in keeping with GDPR, your name and email address will remain private and your answers are confidential and will not be shared, or, otherwise attributed to you without your express permission.