Interfaith Manchester

Anniversaries tend to promote reflection. At the Sandford St Martin Trust, celebrating our 45th year in 2023, our thoughts have partly been on how to tell a better story about religion in the UK today. It was with this in mind that the Sandford St Martin 2023 Awards ceremony moved for the first time to Manchester to celebrate with some of those who are both enthusiastic about broadcasting but where diversity or disagreement do not impede cooperation across religious differences. It was a pleasure and a privilege to meet broadcasters and faith leaders who have dedicated themselves to building a better future for people of all faiths in this city. Some of them were generous enough to also share with us their views on religious identity, diversity and broadcasting.

You can watch our film of that conversation – featuring the Rt Revd Prof David Walker, Bishop of Manchester, Mohammed Amin, Co-chair of the Muslim Forum of Greater Manchester, Rabbi Warren Elf, Faith Network 4 Manchester, and Gill Brennan, Co-chair for the Greater Manchester Combined Authority’s Faith and Belief Advisory Panel – below.

Film by No Class for the Sandford St Martin Trust.