The Sandford St Martin 2022 Awards

Winners for the Sandford St Martin 2022 Awards were announced on the evening of 22 June, at our first in-person Awards ceremony in more than two years.

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Outreach and events

With the future of public service broadcasting hanging in the balance, on June 25 2022 we’re partnering with the Bradford Literature Festival, to ask “What is the point of religious broadcasting?” Join us, our panel of leading content-makers, commissioners and a live audience when we’ll explore whether it has any purpose in a multi-platform, multi-cultural, multi-faith and increasingly secular Britain.

Listen to a recording of a very special salon with Heidi Thomas, creator of the international hit television series “Call the Midwife” in conversation at the House of St Barnabas on May 24th, 2022.

For more information about our other projects including “Why Black Media Matters”, “What 4? How will privatisation affect religious diversity at Channel 4?” and “Broadcasting in the time of Corona: strategies for Journalists & Producers”, or to watch or listen to recordings of some of those sessions, go to our Events page.

Why religious and ethical broadcasting?

6 April 2022: Secretary of State for Digital, Media, Culture and Sport announces plans to push ahead with privatisation of Channel 4

“The Sandford St Martin Trust has long argued that to ignore religion is to leave a gaping hole at the heart of public service broadcasting. Because of its current remit Channel 4 has been at the frontline of promoting tolerance and understanding across a range of social differences. It must remain there.

Read the Trust’s full response here.

Why does the quality of broadcasting and journalism about belief, faith or people’s ethical or moral view points matter? Read our blog and hear what leading media and religious figures and previous award winners like Simon Schama, Jimmy McGovern, Frank Cottrell Boyce, Martin Bashir and Lyse Doucet think.  Or read the Trust’s submissions to Ofcom, the BBC Trust, The Future of TV inquiry and the House of Lords Communications Committee. 

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