Sandford St Martin events

As advocates for excellence in religious broadcasting, the Trust is committed to making the case for creative, thoughtful and entertaining religious programmes.

Since 2014 this has seen the Trust form new partnerships with organisations like the Edinburgh International Film Festival, the Media Society, the Sheffield International Documentary Film Festival and the Insight Film Festival.

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Edinburgh TV festival

Billed by the Edinburgh  TV Festival organisers as one of 2014’s hottest debates, ‘God: TV’s Holy Grail?’ – sponsored by the Sandford St Martin Trust –  delivered exactly that and more.

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Media Society debate

Co-produced by the Sandford St Martin Trust, this sold-out debate was described by the Guardian’s Roy Greenslade as “one of the most illuminating Media Society events I’ve ever attended”.

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Sheffield Doc/Fest

“Religious Docs: Who Needs Them?” was produced for Sheffield’s 2015 International Documentary Festival and brought together commissioners and programme-makers from across the industry to discuss the creative and commercial opportunities offered by religious documentaries.

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Church and Media Conference

“More TV Vicar?”, produced for the 2015 Church & Media Conference, explored television depictions of clergy and asked what these versions say about public attitudes to religion and how they reflect challenges facing the church.

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