Is Truth Dead? Announcing the launch of the Sandford St Martin Media Salons

In a world of fake news and competing political and social agendas, truth and the integrity of the media have never been so vital – and the need for a religiously literate and aware media has never been more acute. It’s for these reasons that in January 2020, in partnership with the House of St Barnabas members club in Soho, London, we are launching the first of what will be a series of Sandford St Martin Media Salons. Aimed at sparking conversations between media experts, practitioners and an engaged and invested audience, this series will explore some of the biggiest issues around broadcasting, faith, ethics and morality in the media today. 

The first of these is titled “IS TRUTH DEAD?” and in the wake of an acrimonious general election, a potential Presidential impeachment and in an era of an increasingly influential but unaccountable social media, will focus on how journalists and broadcasters should respond.  Is democracy in crisis?  Do we need to change our game to guard against disinformation?  Or is “truth” a relative concept anyway?  This event will feature among others the writer and broadcaster Trevor Phillips, LBC’s Political Editor Theo Usherwood who set the pace for the journalistic investigation into anti-Semitism and the Labour Party and Rosamund Urwin, the Sunday Times journalist who broke the Project Yellowhammer story and… (we hope) YOU!

It’s our hope that these events will be opportunities for people working in or with the media to discuss, debate, review and/or challenge how the media work.  We hope you will come and share your own point of view, knowledge, experience and insights.  By talking to and learning from each other we hope that we’ll all leave feeling re-energised, stimuated, better-informed and equipped with new ways of thinking about how to create better content.

For more information or to keep up to date with forthcoming events, follow us on Twitter or check the House of St Barnabas Events page.