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Why is the BBC so uninterested in religion?

In this blog, the Sandford St Martin trustee, Torin Douglas reflects on the BBC’s Christmas scheduling and, in the run up to BBC Charter renewal in 2016, asks pertinent questions about what the BBC’s strategy for religion.  A shorter version of this blog appeared in the Huffington Post UK.   As the Huffington Post reported […]

Escaping the religious ghetto

When was the last time God was discussed at the Edinburgh International Television Festival? Don’t wrack your brains too hard. It was August this year. That may come as a surprise to some TV producers and broadcasters, but the topic of religious broadcasting – and its growing importance for any understanding of foreign affairs – […]

God: TV’s Holy Grail

A session about God at the Edinburgh International Television Festival? Surely not? “We don’t do God” said Alastair Campbell and in recent years most TV commissioners have seemed to agree. Programmes exploring religion and faith have largely disappeared from the commercial channels, leaving the publicly-funded BBC to carry the flame (with quotas to stiffen its […]

Death of religious broadcasting greatly exaggerated

Remember when bishops used to berate broadcasters for the reduction in religious programming? In the past month, there’s hardly been a shortage of people discussing their faith on the airwaves, or other programmes reflecting themes of religion and ethics. On Radio 4’s Today programme, the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby endorsed Time Magazine’s choice of […]